At Elevation we only use the product that we believe will perform the best in-salon as well as at home use. We believe in educating you in how recreate your hair style at home using these profressional products.
 Aquage professional hair products are sea based hair products, which are rich in proteins, amino acids, carbohydrates and vitamins that increase hair's moisture retention, body, strength, and elasticity.
All-Nutrient is a completely certified organic haircolor, made in the U.S.A with low ammonia, which means less damage and healthier hair for you.  This line also provides a Sulfate-Free Cleansing and  Advanced Conditioning system. They also offer a wide selection of styling aids.
J. Beverly Hill Professional Product hair care line uses fruits, vegetables, and herbs tp improve the quality and health of your hair.  From cleansing to styling, you will have a fragrant and invigorating experience.
 Sexy Hair Concepts is a modern haircare line that provides a system for all hair types. Curly, Straight, damaged or  any hair type imaginable. There is a system in this line for you. 
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